CASTELGRAM. Scatta e invia: istantanea dal castello.

Castel del Monte - Polo museale della Puglia - Servizio Civile Nazionale

2018-02-25 - Concorso fotografico


Castel del Monte launches “#CASTELGRAM. Scatta e invia: istantanea dal Castello”, a photographic contest for all the visitors who want to join our promotion mission. It is one of the most important national monument, in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996.

The contest is supported by Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo (MIBACT) in collaboration with the National Volunteer Service Program (SCN) to promote our artistic heritage through the social official photographic collection. This contest is opened to amateur and professional photographers around the world of all ages who can capture the beauty of our unique castle.

Your photograph  will be reposted on the official facebook page with the hashtag #castelgram e #castel_del_monte mibact. The ones that will get more likes, will be used as the profile and cover picture of the month.

To join the contest you must send an email to and read the rules on the official facebook page